Storm Water Run-Off

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Pollutants and/or contaminants that might run off your property can be controlled  by professional sweeping.  Regular sweeping helps remove trace metals, salts, tire dust, fertilizers, and miscellaneous chemicals.  These items, along with every-day trash, collect on parking lot surfaces and roadways.  The debris ends up being washed into storm sewers and ultimately into our rivers and streams. An established plan would be considered a Best Management Practice in a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP.)

We offer Contract Sweeping services to a large number of customers in the Cedar Valley.  Many customers have us come in six days a week, while other customers might use our service once per week.  The frequency can depend on the amount of traffic you have on your lot, as well as other factors.  If you are going to establish a sweeping plan, we recommend a minimum of two times per week.  On days where your lot is not being swept by us, it is a good idea to have someone picking up trash.

Having a well-maintained parking lot gives a great first impression.  Now you know that it allows you to do your part to keep our rivers and streams clean as well!  Contact us today to set up a FREE estimate for Contract Sweeping!

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