What to Look for in a Striping and Sweeping Service Provider

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What to Look for in a Striping and Sweeping Service

The owner of a parking lot must keep it clean at all times. It involves more than just sweeping and brushing off accumulated dirt and grime. The best way to do so is to employ a sweeping service.

During the first meeting with the client, the striping and sweeping service provider will assess the condition of the parking lot. The provider will give recommendations for services aside from sweeping and striping.

Employing a sweeping service is a cost-effective way of maintaining the parking lot. The provider can come up with a maintenance plan that will prevent damage to the property and extend its lifespan.

Things to Consider

The maintenance plan will keep the parking lot to look good all the time. The service provider should keep a sweeping schedule and a reporting system. The service provider informs the property owners about the condition of their parking lots.

The company will look at the current condition of the surfaces of the parking lot and determine areas that require re-sealing or resurfacing. They will also indicate areas where they are potholes and cracks.

The service provider will also look at the condition of the attendant structure such as posts, speed bumps, channels, drains, bumpers, bollards, barriers, gutters, and walls, just to name a few. They will also provide recommendations for the re-striping and repainting of markers and numbers.

Striping and Labeling

Striping the parking lot gives the costumers direction. There will be better traffic flow within the property if there are visible signs and stripes. By hiring a striping and sweeping company, you will not only have a clean parking lot, but you also maximize its use.

More often than not, the first point of entry of customers is the parking lot. Striping allows you to optimize the parking space available. You can determine the number of parking spaces available within the area.

Not only will striping optimize your parking spaces, but it also makes the parking lot safer. A well-marked parking lot will ease traffic flow. There will be fewer accidents to occur within the property when you employ the services of a professional.

Keep in mind there are some parking spaces requiring special labels to adhere to the American Disability Act. The ADA requires one for every six parking spaces for the disabled. Failure to comply with the act can result in heavy fines. Look for a striping company that can spray paint handicap signs on designated spaces.

When you employ a sweeping and striping company, the parking lot will be safer for everyone. As a business owner, you are liable for slippery leaves and other debris that can cause accidents. You can reduce this liability and keep your insurance premiums at a minimum by sweeping the parking lot on a regular basis.

That’s why you should hire a sweeping and striping company in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas. You will be able to maintain a good curb appeal and at the same time improve the lifespan of your parking lot.

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